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As ever, a joy to be in here designing and making, with the fire roaring. The Siberian front two weeks ago turned the space into a refrigerator but the supersonic engine of fire worked its magic yesterday. I even cooked my lunch on the fireplace.

Afterward I did more shifting around of furniture to make it workshop safe for the summer tourist season. It’s an exercise in ignoring my perfectionist tendencies…it’s a medieval building; there’s not a square or straight wall or even floor within cooee of here!

Much of what I’ve been making lately has been inside at home, mostly with polymer and a couple of oil paintings, as we have the delight of geothermic heating under the floor, ready at the touch of a button. Beats lugging lumps of wood.


As I mentioned above, I’m planning on doing little workshops for locals and visitors to Santa Fiora, in mixed media jewellery (traditional hand forged, polymer and precious metal clay), as well as marbling and lino printing – mediums that are perfect for adapting for families wishing to do something creative together while they’re on holiday.

Looking at the possibility of a joint exhibition in the summer, too, but more on that down the track.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in jewellery or you’re passing through the area and would like to come and say ciao and tinker in the workshop with me.

To close, here are a few images of what is currently in stock in the shop:

2 comments on “Studio

  1. DashM
    March 16, 2018

    The wing is beautiful!


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